Video Analytics in Transportation & Traffic Security


Airports, docks, train and subway systems, toll roads, and bridges share a similar need for maintaining the safety & security of large numbers of people and goods in transportation. CronJ helps you monitor and manage hundreds or thousands of cameras, even on the go. Our CCTV Video analytics integrates Number Plate Recognition, Speed Detection, and other tools for advanced monitoring.

Traffic security ensures harmless mobility which reduces the number of mishappening, enhancing the overall level of traffic safety and security improves the traffic rules and regulations. Such video surveillance software is ensured through variable traffic control and other safety systems.

In a world where terrorism remains a real danger, where theft, vandalism and other crimes are all too common, security for transportation services has never been more important. Whether it be airline, bus or rail, providers of mass transportation need to ensure that their transportation services are secure, both for their own safety and that of their customers. Video management software can be a powerful tool in providing security solutions for this industry.

Various goods and containers are put in storage at the port’s reloading points, and they all have to be protected from theft. With the help of CCTV Video analytics, CronJ offers a first class solution for securing certain areas against unauthorized access. Our cutting edge development technology allows for an effective surveillance both outdoors and indoors. Our developed security camera system has two key advantages: For one thing, spontaneous alarm messages can explicitly direct the attention of the security personnel to certain zones. Without that support it would hardly be conceivable to monitor the port area twenty-four hours a day. Secondly, appreciations to the video recordings security operators, they immediately visualize what is happening on the ground and react accordingly.