Video Analytics in Transportation & Traffic Security


Intelligent Video analytics software is an effective solution for rising traffic congestion and accidents due to inappropriate traffic management. We need AI solutions to control such horrific traffic incidents. Traffic congestion has become the most prevalent issue around the globe so it has become necessary to have smart and speedy video analytics services for traffic management which help to curb traffic congestion. We CronJ technology provides you with smart AI solution video analytics software that monitors and manages hundreds or thousands of cameras, even on the go.

The key feature of traffic management software

Vehicle & product identification

Through video analytics machine learning, we can identify the type of vehicle whether its a bus, truck, taxi, car or etc and we can also detect the product which the particular vehicle is loaded with.

Number plate recognition

Video analytics machine learning software can also detect the number a plate of the particular vehicle which helps in maintaining proper records. It is generally used on highways toll roads to track a record of passing vehicles.

Incident detection

If any accident or tragic incident occurs real time video analytics has an ability to detect it and can raise alarm or notify it through SMS or mail.

Speed detection

Video analytics software can detect the speed of the vehicle if your speed exceeded the limit through video analytic software it will be identified and will notify that particular area of traffic police.

Wrong-way detection

If a vehicle driver driving on the wrong way of road video analytics system can easily detect it and raise an alarm or alert the traffic guard.

Parking Management

AI solution helps in managing parking areas by detecting illegal parking and number of vehicle counting.

Our CCTV video analytics system integrates Number Plate Recognition, Speed Detection, and other tools for advanced monitoring. Video analytics solutions can play a vital role in getting extensive insight into the daily traffic, by routing the information to the traffic management console these insights helped in curbing congestion. Traffic security ensures harmless mobility which reduces the number of mishappening enhancing the overall level of traffic safety and security improves the traffic rules and regulations. Such video analytics machine learning software is ensured through variable traffic control and other safety software solutions. The exact utilization of video analytics machine learning solutions would help in saving time and save from loss to the property and life. Smart cities implementing innovative traffic management systems.

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