Weighing Solution

CronJ is one of the fastest growing companies focusing on weighbridges, weighbridges software, weighbridge systems, truck scale & weighing instruments under one shed. CronJ has always been the first choice of various industries and public in general to attain the world class weighing solution. Our team aims at providing the best weighbridge system & weighbridge software that would be the standard benchmark of today & tomorrow. Our company is innovating in multiple concepts, to making the weighbridge system man less from installation of any weighbridge at any location. We pride ourselves for the best automation & the best weighbridge company. We have created a diverse identity in the market, as a prominent and professionally managed company in the segment of weighing solution providers. Our high tech equipment caters to the varied demands of different industries across the globe.

CronJ is a leading weighbridge software company dealing in manufacturing & Automation and an exporter of weighbridge or weighbridge system for Industrial, infrastructure industries, Mining industries and more.

A quick look at our weighing solution & the benefits

Pit type weighbridge

This type of truck scale is most suitable for places with limited space. Likewise – Non hilly areas where the construction pit is not a bumpy affair. Since the platform is in level with the ground, vehicles can approach the weighbridge from any direction. Most public weighbridges prefer this sort of weighing machine.

Benefits of the weight scale

  • Lesser space required.
  • No Ramp required for truck movement because it is installed in land surface level
  • Pit type weighbridge comes in various dimensions as per the needs and requirements of our clients
  • Designed for rigorous and harsh environment and heavy vehicle usage
  • Smooth movement of vehicles on platform
Pit Type Weighbridge manufacturer

Pitless Weighbridge

This type of weighbridge or Truck scale is most appropriate where the excavation work for foundation is challenging or construction of pit is expensive. Since the structure is above ground level, vehicles can approach the weighbridge only from two directions where the ramps are provided. This type of weighing machine requires more space.

Benefits of the weight scale

  • Costly Pit construction is eliminated.
  • Platform above ground level- No water logging during rainy season.
  • Problem of pit maintenance is reduced.
  • Stress-free maintenance since all parts accessible above ground level.
  • Very robust and tough in structure.
  • Cost effective - as less excavation is required.
Pitless Weighbridge Manufacturers

Axle weighbridge

Axle weighbridges are one of a kind choice for mines & factories, where installation required being quick. Shifting axle weighbridge can be done quickly and needs only a small pickup truck for transportation. Axle weigh bridges are very cost effective solution, the user benefits from the low equipment cost, low cost of civil work & installation and hence rapid recovery on investment. Civil work takes only 3 to 4 days’ time and the installation can be done swiftly. With its many advantages and cost benefits, axle weighbridge is highly rewarding solution with no compromise.

Benefits of the weight scale

  • Quick delivery & installation.
  • Powerful software which provides total control and accountability.
  • Rugged instrumentation to give seamless performance.
  • Capacity up to 60 ton.
Axle weighbridge manufacturer

Mobile weighbridge

Such truck scale has the capability to be placed directly in the path of vehicles. This lessens the transport cost otherwise incurred by having to travel to a fixed weighbridge installation. This saves lot of cost and time, standard weighing scale installation takes 2-3 months while mobile weighbridge can be installed in few hours. Mobile weighbridge can also be shifted to another site easily. This is cost effective and much easier for transportation and re-installation.

Benefits of the weight scale

  • Quick installation in hours.
  • Can be shifted to another site easily.
  • Significantly saves time & construction cost.
  • Most suited for temporary sites.
  • Easy maintenance since all parts are accessible above ground level.
Mobile weighbridge manufacturer

Rail weighbridges

CronJ is offering rail weighbridges which qualify as an in-motion weighing machine and they overcome lots of limitation, which are completely inherent of conventional static weighing systems, as they are capable of moving vehicles.

Benefits of the weight scale

  • Appropriate for industrial applications such as aggregates, extraction, steel, cement, petrochemicals, recycling and port authorities.
  • Repeated auto re-setting operation without maintenance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can bear heavy load.
rail weighbridges manufacturer

Applications :

Standard available size and capacities for fully Electronic Weighbridge which are suitable for most of the applications.

Platter Size
7.7m 3m
30T, 40T
09m 3m
40T, 50T, 60T
10m 3m
50T, 60T
12m 3m
50T, 60T, 80T
15m 3m
50T, 60T, 80T, 100T
18m 3m
50T, 60T, 80T, 100T
20m 3m
80T, 100T